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The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has appointed Justin Young as its new CEO, tasked with managing the ongoing transformation of the organization that includes the delivery of excellent experience for staff, members, and stakeholders. He will assume the new role as of July 5, replacing Richard Collins, who was appointed interim CEO back in October 2021 following the reforms recommended by the Levitt report. 

Young has a wealth of experience within the real estate and professional services sector over the last 25 years. His global experience has included working and living in South-East Asia, Europe and the UK. He has also spent time in the military, including commanding a tank troop on ‘Operation Desert Storm’ in the 1990s. Furthermore, the new CEO is a promoter of diversity in real estate. 

Speaking about his appointment, Young pointed out that RICS is pivotal to the public interest, to a huge body of professionals, millions of clients and a host of decision makers. 

“I feel highly energized by this opportunity to drive further strategic, cultural, and operational, change to RICS - providing the right environment in which members reap the benefits of thought leadership and influence, professional development, and unparalleled network,” said the CEO. 

Martin Samworth, Chair of RICS Board, added: “As an established leader in real estate he understands our work and the scale of what we deliver in the built and natural environment – but he also has the diversity of skills and leadership experience to continue RICS’ journey as we drive our sustainability and diversity agenda.” 

Ann Gray, RICS President, mentioned that the new CEO lead, influence, regulate and inspire the next generation of surveyors and built environment professionals.