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by Property Forum | Residential

Developer J&T Real Estate is currently completing the Eurovea II project in Bratislava and the new multifunctional Ganz House project could soon be underway too, real estate website reports.

The multifunctional complex Ganz House, originally called Triangel House, is to be built right in the centre of the Eurovea zone on a triangular plot of land defined by Pribinova and Čulenova streets. Until the beginning of the last decade, the site was occupied by a two-storey building and a larger corner functionalist house. However, with the development of the surrounding area, according to the real estate website, the overlooked area has become an extremely lucrative plot of land, ideal for housing and offices of a higher standard. The developer has therefore decided to do both and will combine residential and office space in Ganz House.

Information known so far indicates that the residential section will have 58 flats and 8 higher standard apartments on ten floors. The office section would have nine floors, two of which will be set back. The building will have generous lobbies on the first-floor level and a reduced second-floor level, with a typical floor area of nearly 1,600 sqm. In total, it is expected to provide about 11,000 sqm of boutique office space. The character of the project will be completed by the ground floor, which will be two storeys high with an inserted mezzanine. In the centre of the layout, there will be an overlapping space between Pribinova and Čulenova streets and small piazzas where cafés or restaurants might be built. The underground garage will have 205 parking spaces and its design should allow the planting of large trees on the surrounding streets. The space has been advertised for rent for some time, reports.

"We plan to start construction of the Ganz House project next year," Daniel Suchý, Spokesman and Senior PR Manager at JTRE, disclosed to in June. In addition, he confirms that the design of the project is indeed being modified. "The project is undergoing final adjustments. We are planning to launch some form of pre-sales later this year." If the construction does start within the next year, the project may be completed in 2026.