News Article Bratislava JTRE mixed-use Slovakia
by Property Forum | Office

For 10 years, developer JTRE has been planning a project for Nové Lido on the Danube’s right bank in Bratislava. This new urban district is foreseen to rejuvenate the area between Old Bridge and Apollo Bridge in Petržalka.

Mixed-use Nové Lido will provide housing, civic amenities, 20,000 job opportunities, large green public spaces, and connections to the Bratislava districts of Petržalka, Staré Mesto and Ružinov.

Its design results from cooperation between JTRE and leading national and international architects, urban planners, landscape architects, and consultants specialising in social responsibility, sustainability, ecology, sociology and green tech. The visionaries behind the urban study are Juraj Benetin and Compass Architekti studio, as well as Jakub Cigler architects and urban planners, Marko & Placemakers, Gehl Architects, and GFI.

Nové Lido’s design is based on principles such as multi-functionality, compact block development with tranquil courtyards, a north-south urban grid with views of the city’s landmarks and surrounding landscape, a central park, and a footbridge over the Danube.

Ongoing BREEAM Communities International certification confirms JTRE’s commitment to developing sustainably this zone. Hence the project’s focus is on emission-free renewable energy – such as thermal, hydro, and solar.

Nové Lido’s construction plans are at the environmental impact assessment (EIA) stage. The area’s master plan is also being updated, with last year’s public hearing proposals for amendments and additions being evaluated by the Capital City Municipality.