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Jan Sadil will be the new CEO of JRD Group. The banker and builder Jan Sadil has worked for many years in top positions in the banking industry, he was for many years the CEO of the mortgage bank Hypoteční banka and a member of the board of directors of one of the largest Czech banks, ČSOB. He will take up the position of CEO of JRD Group in February 2023.

"Linking sustainable construction, renewable energy and environmentally friendly waste treatment is a direction that has great potential for the future and significant societal benefits. Environmental friendliness is more important now than ever before and I am very happy to be part of a company that takes sustainability seriously," comments Jan Sadil on his appointment, adding: "I see the JRD Group, or rather Jan Řežáb, as the founder and pioneer of sustainable development, I have been following his activities for a long time and I look forward to pushing not only the JRD Group, but also all the industries that JRD is involved in, even further."

Jan Sadil's professional life is largely linked to finance and banking, but his original training is as a builder. He has been in the banking sector since 1995. For thirteen years he was Chairman of the Board and CEO of Hypoteční banka and since 2017 he has been on the Board of Directors of ČSOB, where he was responsible for the retail sector. He is also active on the supervisory boards of the Association for Real Estate Market Development and the non-profit organisation for wheelchair users Centrum Paraple.

JRD Group represents a group of companies that are engaged in sustainable industries. Its portfolio includes sustainable development, renewable energy and environmental waste management. The founder and owner of JRD Group is Jan Řežáb.