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by Property Forum | Career

The new management board is made up of a strong team of leaders featured with crossectional competences and experience spanning both the real estate market and other sectors. The foregoing reflects the key assumptions of JLL’s strategy in Poland, aimed at providing clients with strategic advice – strongly embedded in the real estate area, and at the same time drawing on the best practices of other industries.

JLL Polska proposes a multidimensional approach to the challenges of the real estate market based on the holistic expertise of its leaders. The members of the new management board include people associated with JLL for many years, as well as experienced managers from outside the industry, who have diverse, cross-sectoral experience and competences in areas spanning strategic advisory, banking, capital markets, energy and new technologies. Such a management structure will allow JLL to even more efficient response to the changing business environment, as well as to efficient supporting of clients in achieving a competitive advantage by shaping a new perspective for running a business and implementing solutions that drive growth and transformation.

Mateusz Bonca, Chief Executive Officer, JLL Poland, head of the board, as the author of the new approach with many years of consulting and managerial experience covering numerous industries – from strategic advisory through the financial sector to the energy sector – is held accountable for the entire implementation of the new vision, taking into account the goals of sustainable development.

“I am convinced that the combination of experts’ knowledge and experience in the real estate industry of managers who are associated with JLL for years with the experience of our leaders from other sectors will allow me to look at the market from a broader perspective. We want to depressurise the market together and offer it a new quality. Thanks to the expertise, motivation as well as fresh view of the entire management board, we have the capacity to jointly offer our partners a holistic view of their business development in line with global trends and dynamic changes in the business environment. We have been building on what is the strongest in the company, I mean our competences represented by a unique management team on the real estate market in Poland”, says Mateusz Bonca, Chief Executive Officer, JLL Polska 

According to the President of the Management Board of JLL in Poland, the local team has the competence and clear aspirations to compete not only on the real estate market but also to face investment banks and consulting companies. Piotr Wetmański, Chief Operating Officer, a manager with international experience in strategic advisory for leading institutions in the financial sector appointed to the board, will deal with corporate development and implementation of a new strategy, as well as with supervision over JLL’s marketing and communication area.

The undeniable advantage of JLL rests with a resource of data and proprietary research programmes that are unique on the market, allowing to identify, and afterwards to monitor and describe the latest trends. Paweł Sztejter, Director of the Housing Department, apart from further development of transactional and developer advisory in Living segment, will expand his competences to include management of local research team working on the development of JLL’s offer in the field of analytics and the use of digital solutions in real estate. Paweł is one of Poland’s leading experts in the housing industry. He has been shaping its development since the beginning of the 90s – first within the company called REAS, which he co-founded, and now at JLL after the merger of the companies in 2018.

Tomasz Czuba, Director of the Office Space Leasing and Tenant Representation Department, an expert with almost 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, associated with JLL for over a decade, has thus far been held accountable for advising investors, developers and corporate tenants in the field of office strategy. Now, he will additionally take the position of Client Executive, overseeing the development of the supreme-quality relationships with clients, focused on delivering personalised services and tools in all consulting departments.

Thomas Devonshire-Griffin, Director of the Capital Markets Department in Central and Eastern Europe, by supporting the Polish capital markets team, will ensure the maintenance and development of capital relations and connections in Central and Eastern Europe and around the globe. Thomas is responsible for supporting the raising and allocation of international capital by introducing and developing end-to-end services in the area of corporate finance and a corporate finance programme. Before joining the Polish branch of JLL, he was the head of the capital markets department in the international structures of the company.

Kinga Piotrowicz, Operations Director at the head of the Portfolio Operations segment in the EMEA region, has also joined the management board of JLL Polska, and in the new structure will coordinate the service of international clients of the company in Poland and provide JLL’s global products and competences to Polish clients. She will also coordinate the work of the Centre of Excellence and supervise the activities of JLL Work Dynamics, also closely cooperating with the local team of the company JLL – Workplace. Kinga will support clients in implementing the best global practices in the area of diversity and inclusiveness, which is one of the key pillars of JLL’s strategy in Poland.

Mateusz Gołembiewski has also taken a position in the management board who, as the HR Director in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, will – with the use the extensive experience gained in the new technologies sector – focus on strategic and operational issues related to the area of HR development and talent management, as well as on strengthening the image of JLL as an employer open to and supporting diversity.

Savvas Savva, Chief Financial Officer for the CEE region, associated with JLL for 10 years and having nearly 30 years of experience in finance and accounting, will continue to strategically manage the company’s financial area, capital allocation, risk management and support for the company’s inorganic development.