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by Property Forum | Retail

Iulius Group will start the construction of two Family Market centres, a new retail concept launched in summer 2020, Ziarul Financiar informs.

The first two projects, with a total investment of €16 million, will be built in Miroslava and Bucium, two communes part of the metropolitan area of the city of Iași. The authorization process is underway, and construction work will begin in the spring of this year. Shopping centers will be completed in the last quarter of this year.

The Family Market in Miroslava will have a GLA of 6,200 sqm. The project will also include a park, a hall for events and parking spaces.

“Family Market is a premiere in the portfolio of the company, which has developed major projects with a deciding role in urban revitalization and the development of cities. We want to mark the 20th anniversary since the grand opening of our first shopping mall by getting even closer to communities and providing them with investments that cater to their interests and expectations,” said Iulian Dascalu, president of Iulius Company, last year.  

Family Market is a new retail concept launched by the Iulius Group which fits the needs of residents in expanding residential areas.