News Article Hungary Indotek retail sustainability
by Property Forum | Retail

Hungarian investment and property management company Indotek Group has launched 16 energy efficiency projects with a total worth of €1.4 million (HUF 500 million) to modernize its shopping centres and office buildings.

Indotek Group reduced the annual carbon dioxide emissions of its properties by 600 tonnes in 2021. The group continues to intensively support the sustainable modernisation of the properties in its portfolio: 25 modernisation and development projects are currently under development.

Since 2020 IG has been renovating the exteriors and interiors of many 20-25 years old shopping centres and office buildings acquired earlier. Projects include improving technical building systems and upgrading lighting technology to optimize energy consumption while maintaining internal comfort levels. In several buildings, boilers and heat centres were replaced, and lighting bulbs were replaced with LED technology.

Improvements will save around 220 thousand cubic metres of gas and 673 mWh of electricity per year. This equals the total annual gas consumption of 80-100 average Hungarian households and the annual electricity consumption of 300 families. These developments will save the Earth's atmosphere from 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission per year, equivalent to the annual carbon neutralisation of a forest of 24,000 trees.