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by Property Forum | Residential

Romanian developer Impact Developer & Contractor said it sold 275 residential units during 2022, which had a combined value of 210 million lei (€‎42.6 million). In the same year, the company recorded pre-sales for another 450 homes with a combined value of 236 million lei (around €‎48 million), according to a statement submitted to the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). 

The value of assets adjusted on EPRA standards reached 1.7 billion lei (€‎345 million). The developer added that the value of apartments in had in stock at the end of 2022 totaled 300 million lei (€61 million). On top of this there are apartments under development that are valued at 466 million lei (€‎94.6 million). 

Shares in Impact were up 0.27% to 0.37 lei on Wednesday morning trading on the BVB. The company has ongoing residential investments in Bucharest, Constanța and Iași.