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by Property Forum | Residential

Romania's Impact Developer & Contractor says it sold 430 residential units during 2021, of which pre-sold apartments sales gained 37% to 250 million lei (€50.5 million), while the rest of 183 units were worth 138 million (€27.8 million). 

The company said that 77% of the sold units are in Luxuria Residence in Bucharest, where the last development phase was completed in December 2021. 

The operating profit of the group totaled 98.5 million lei (€19.9 million), with a slight increase compared to 2020, in the context of lower sales revenues and a low level of completed units in Greenfield Băneasa. 

The developer’s land base totaled 89.4 hectares with a market value of 798 million lei (around €161 million). Impact said it plans mixed-use developments and infrastructure projects on the available land plots. 

The company's strategy for the next 6 years aims at the development of 1.25 million sqm residential units, with an estimated market value of over 1.5 billion lei (€303 million). 

Impact shares were down 1.6% to 0.61 lei on Friday morning trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).