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by Property Forum | Investment

Imobiliare, the digital platform in Romania owned by Ringier Group, has taken over mortgage broker DSA Advisor in a bid to diversify its portfolio, for an undisclosed sum.

DSA Advisor will be integrated in the group’s financial division and will be managed jointly by Răzvan Greciuc and Doru Iliescu, Co-Founders and Managing Partners of DSA Advisor, as well as Dan Niculae, Head of New Business at Imobiliare. Their goal will be to grow the business in collaboration with Dan Puică, CEO of Imobiliare.

”We intend to expand and develop our portfolio of digital assets in connection with the real estate needs in order to deliver more value to our buyers, sellers and financing partners across the entire country,” said Dan Puică, of CEO Imobiliare.

DSA Advisor has more than 100 brokers and a portfolio of 34 financing companies, including 17 banks.