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by Property Forum | Office

In Immofinanz's Hungarian portfolio, several lease agreements and extensions of almost 21,000 sqm have recently been completed. Thus, most of the company's local office buildings are currently fully leased.

Since beginning of this year, Immofinanz has concluded new (5,000 sqm) and extended existing leases (16,000 sqm ) on a total of 21,000 sqm in their office buildings in Budapest.

The myhive Thirteen | Globe office building's main tenant, operating in the public sector and leasing more than 11,500 sqm. extended its lease in the first quarter of 2021. The myhive Greenpoint 7 office building was also expanded by a new tenant from the developer sector, and an existing tenant , also from public sector, extended its 3,000 sqm contract. The occupancy rate of both myhive buildings became 100%. In the Office Campus located in South Pest, two existing tenants have also extended their nearly 1,500 sqm contract.

Last month, myhive Haller Gardens was chosen as an HQ by several new tenants, increasing the size of the leased areas by a total of 4,500 sqm. Most of them –  a pharmaceutical, a food packaging, a vehicle manufacturer and a development company –  chose the office building thanks to the visual design of the completely renovated building and the new myhive services adapted to the needs of the tenants.