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by Property Forum | Residential

Developer Immocap plans to bring six residential projects in the next ten years in the most lucrative districts of Bratislava - Old Town, New Town and Ružinov. In total, there will be 1,500 flats offering quality, design as well and energy-efficient and sustainable housing, Immocap announced. 

Immocap is now coming up with a new concept of housing, in which it wants to translate its innovative approach to housing creation and its long-standing expertise in energy-efficient development. It plans to build six new projects in three districts of Bratislava. Up to 1,500 apartments will be added to the housing market in the capital over the next 10 years. 

"We perceive the development in the residential market and we see the demand for quality, energy-efficient living spaces. With our experience in the office segment, we bring the courage and especially the expertise that we can also bring to the housing sector. Bratislava needs more projects also in the residential segment, housing for people must be of high quality, energy efficient and available as soon as possible. Our goal is to create vibrant places and we are convinced that a quality, well-configured project in the right location and with added value for the client will succeed in any situation on the market," says Martin Šramko, CEO of Immocap, about the idea behind Immocap's entry into the residential market.

Immocap has been operating in the Slovak property development market for 27 years, focusing mainly on Bratislava, where it sees great potential in transforming the city and its locations. Until recently it was mainly commercial projects that focused on energy efficiency, flexibility and the introduction of new technologies as part of a well-thought-out energy concept. However, according to the company's managers, residential projects cannot be mono-functional and must combine multiple functions such as space for work, culture, services, or quality public spaces to bring the desired living comfort to residents.

The developer presents the projects to the public gradually. It starts with the Kvarter project on Jégého Street, smaller in scale but from the point of view of energy efficiency a pilot multifunctional project. The Kvarter multifunctional building will provide space for living, working, and services, as well as parking on 6 floors. The author of the spectacular architecture in a simple Nordic style is Čechvala Architects. The Millhaus residential project is being built on Mlynské Nivy and is already under construction, with the first phases of sales already started. It will bring public spaces and greenery in addition to apartments to the zone, which has long functioned primarily as a business district of Bratislava. The developer's plans for Mlynské nivy Boulevard are in line with the strategy of the Metropolitan Institute of Bratislava, which it recently presented to the public.

The project of the new Istropolis is also well-known, where residential, administrative cultural and social functions meet, connected by public spaces, thus creating a new urban centre, which the locality of Trnavský mýta lacks. Immocap has recently presented the form of the third residential project on Bottova Street, which will be built in symbiosis with the former Design Factory in Bratislava's downtown and will bring housing, amenities and public spaces, as well as a cultural booth accessible to all Bratislava residents. Other projects that the developer is preparing are Záhradnícka and The Mill II. The sales of all the projects are handled by the developer's team.