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Duna House has released its monthly transaction estimate, showing that there were 11,422 residential property transactions in Hungary in December 2021. The tally for the whole year shows 150,975 transactions, which marks a 15% growth over 2020.

Duna House estimates that 11,422 residential property transactions were realised in December 2021, which marks a growth of nearly 4% over November, 10.3% over December 2020 and 12.8% over December 2019.

With last month's result, the number of domestic real estate transactions reached and even exceeded the 150,000 mark in 2021: Duna House estimates that 150,974 transactions were realised in 2021, corresponding to year-on-year growth of 15%.

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Rental fees declined by 15 to 20% in 2020, but they keep on rising and are currently only 7 to 8% lower than before the coronavirus outbreak. Experts forecast that this process will continue and rental fees will be back at pre-crisis (early 2020) levels by 2022. Uncertainties, however, are great in this respect, with some respondents projecting that the previous peak will be reached by this spring, while others estimate that rental fees will still be a few percentages lower than that even in December 2022.