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To explore the answers to this question, with a focus on the European real estate market, WiredScore is hosting The WiredScore Future Forum on Tuesday 23rd November.

WiredScore is the organization behind the WiredScore and SmartScore certifications: the internationally recognized digital connectivity and smart building rating systems for real estate, helping landlords design and promote buildings with powerful digital connectivity and smart capabilities.

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WiredScore was founded in New York in 2013 by leaders in real estate, technology and telecommunications, with an endorsement from Mayor Bloomberg, to improve the city’s technology infrastructure, and support its entrepreneurs who are driving technological advances and creating jobs.

Following success in the US, WiredScore launched in the United Kingdom in October 2015 after winning the Greater London Authority’s tender to be the official Mayor of London Digital Connectivity Rating Scheme. International demand for the digital connectivity rating system has since seen the company expand operations to France, Ireland, Germany, and Canada. Since then, over 70 million sqm of commercial and residential space has been committed to WiredScore certification, impacting 7 million people across 12 countries.

Technology is critical to the way in which we live, work and connect. The last two years have meant that it’s now essential that the buildings we both inhabit and work within are digitally-connected, smart spaces, able to accommodate our technologically advanced way of life.

WiredScore’s mission is to make the world’s buildings smarter and better connected, to enable a more dynamic, collaborative and innovative future. But we must ask ourselves: how can real estate remain relevant in the tech-centric age? To explore the answers to this question, with a focus on the European real estate market, WiredScore is hosting The WiredScore Future Forum on Tuesday 23rd November, and you’re invited.

Key details

The virtual event will be held on the 23rd of November. Depending on where you are in Europe, the event will start at the following times:

  • 9:00-11:30 GMT
  • 10:00 - 12:30 CET
  • 11:00-13:30 EET

The WiredScore Future Forum will be a unique opportunity to gain industry-leading insights from innovation trailblazers and technology experts from across Europe. We will take a PropTech deep dive, exploring the future of the digital landscape, and how to navigate the built world as we exhibit digital dependence like never before.

We demand great connectivity, accessibility and convenience. We challenge the industry to build better, to connect more, and to develop with the needs of the occupier at the heart of every project. Join us for The WiredScore Future Forum to discover how technology is set to influence how we live, work and connect. Join us for the future.

What to expect from The WiredScore Future Forum:

  • A welcome from CEO Arie Barendrecht
  • Introduction to WiredScore and the day’s agenda
  • Keynote
  • WiredScore’s Technical Director, Sanjaya Ranasinghe explores how we live, work and connect in a hybrid world
  • Panel discussion: How can real estate adapt to the new world of hybrid working?
  • Keynote
  • Panel discussion: The future of the digital landscape: the social, economic and infrastructural implications.
  • The big reveal: Committed buildings and Accredited Professionals
  • Closing remarks
  • Networking

We can’t wait to see you at The Wiredscore Future Forum - register here for the event!