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by Property Forum | Residential

Romanian developer HILS Development has designed a space simulating the development of a residential project within Bucharest-based edutainment project Destiny Park.

The initiative is part of HILS Development's strategic pillar of community involvement through education.

"We have been building and actively engaging in the community for 19 years, with plans for the next 15 years. The HILS Development community grows by approximately 3,000 residents annually. As we grow, we consider it increasingly necessary to get involved and support all important aspects within a community,” says Iulia Iana, Head of Marketing, HILS Development.

Together with Destiny Park, HILS Development offers the community a new way to spend quality time together and a fun way to positively impact children's education. 

At present, the developer manages six large-scale projects in Bucharest and completes over 1,000 apartments annually.