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In the eastern agglomeration of Budapest, next to the M0 ring road, HelloParks continues its expansion with a new development in Maglód. As a member of Futureal Group, the company has started preparations for the implementation of HelloParks Maglód’s first 46,000 sqm facility being built in the first phase, on a 46 ha site located in the vicinity of M4 and M5 highways and Liszt Ferenc International Airport. The industrial and logistics centre will include a range of facilities exceeding a total area of 193,000 sqm hat meet the requirements of the BREEAM sustainability standard. The announcement of the investment in Maglód follows the company’s recent purchase of its first 76 ha site, also situated next to the M0 highway in Fót, where HelloParks Fót logistics megapark is under development.

HelloParks continue its development activities in Maglód, the fastest-growing industrial area of the eastern agglomeration of Budapest, an ideal location for production companies and logistics service providers. Preparations for the implementation of a 46,000 sqm facility being realised in the first phase, have already begun on the 46 ha site that is close to the M0 ring road, near the M4 and M5 highways, and Liszt Ferenc International Airport. The first building is expected to be handed over by the end of 2021, the value of this investment exceeds €40 million (HUF 14.4 billion).

Prior to its Maglód project, HelloParks recently announced the development of one of Hungary’s largest industrial and logistics centres called HelloParks Fót on an area of 76 ha in Fót providing a total of 330,000 sqm of warehouse and industrial space.

“HelloParks aims to increase Hungary's regional competitiveness with highly competitive and efficient megaparks that also focuses on sustainability. The developments can strongly support Hungary in becoming a real logistics centre, as these facilities can attract new customers with regional outreach to the domestic market,” said Rudolf Nemes, CEO of HelloParks.

HelloParks intends to build a total of 193,000 sqm of warehouse, light industrial and office space on the Maglód site. Several hall buildings will be developed in the area with different sizes - depending on the needs of tenants - between 26,000 and 90,000 sqm. The minimum leasable area in ​​the first facility is 3,200 sqm. For smaller tenants, the second building can offer rental properties of 500, 1,000 or 2,000 sqm. Similar to HelloParks Fót, the HelloParks Maglód facilities will also meet the requirements of the BREEAM sustainability standard, due to smart solutions that ensure energy efficiency and environmentally friendly operation. As a sustainability feature, electric golf carts will be available for tenants within the park’s area.

“The importance of the eastern agglomeration of Budapest has highly increased in recent years, as several international production and distribution companies had settled here that has significantly reduced the size of the available areas. We expect that a similar development will take place in this region as it has happened in the western and southern sectors of the M0 ring road. By the preparation of the development in Maglód, we have thus taken another important step towards HelloParks’ aim to become one of the key players in the dynamically growing industrial and logistics market, first in Hungary and later on in the region. The rapid development of e-commerce and the relocation of production capacities have started a new trend of establishing regional EU centres. In line with this trend, HelloParks’ megaparks will serve regional and urban logistics needs. We are constantly exploring further expansion opportunities in the Budapest agglomeration as well as the catchment area of ​​large rural cities,” added Rudolf Nemes.