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Sebastian Proć has been associated with HB Reavis for 13 years - from the beginning of the company's operations on the Polish real estate market, he held managerial positions, overseeing business development, acquisitions and development activities. Previously, he was associated with the DTZ consulting company, as well as Premiumred Real Estate Development (Investkredit / Volksbank group), Budimex Nieruchomości and Unikat Commercial Properties.

The nomination of an experienced expert who knows the company very well for the position of the President of the Management Board confirms HB Reavis' desire to strengthen its position in Warsaw by purchasing land in attractive locations and preparing further projects. HB Reavis' strategy is to create buildings that are at the heart of well-being, health and user-friendliness. Thanks to diversified business lines, the company specializes in planning work spaces, introducing technological innovations and flexible solutions in offices, as well as real estate management.

HB Reavis is one of the largest office developers operating in Poland - so far in Warsaw the company has completed or is currently constructing buildings with a total area of ​​475,000 sqm for rent. Only in 2021, the Polish branch of HB Reavis signed contracts with customers for almost 50,000 sqm office space. Sebastian Proć replaced Martin Klammer, who previously held this position, who has left the ranks of the company.