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by Property Forum | Office

In February 2021, the N3 building of GTC’s Green Heart office complex in Belgrade has obtained a LEED Gold certificate, thus finalising the certification process for the whole complex. Completed in 2020, Green Heart comprises five Class A buildings providing 46,300 sqm of office space.

Green Heart is an office project located on the corner of Milutin Milanković Boulevard and Boulevard of Art, in New Belgrade, Serbia. It includes two revitalized buildings (GTC Square) and three new ones, creating a campus-style office park. Now the whole complex is fully LEED-certified.

“Completing the process of LEED certification for Green Heart is an important achievement on GTC’s sustainable agenda. It is our firm belief that highly efficient energy-saving solutions, renewable energy, recycling stations, accessibility instalments are must-have elements of any modern property and the Green Heart project fully proves our approach. Thanks to the hard work of our team, each square meter of the N3 building and the whole Green Heart is tailored to suit the individual needs of the tenant while addressing the environmental challenges,” commented Pedja Petronijevic, GTC’s Country Manager in Serbia.