News Article Bucharest City Gate Complex GTC office Romania Ziv Gigi
by Property Forum | Office

Property developer GTC has completed the refurbishment of its City Gate Complex office project in Bucharest following an investment of €3.5 million.

The upgrade process was focused on the common and leasable areas. The total amount invested in the common area was €500.000, while the investment in the leasable area exceeded €3 million. 

The money was used to refurbish entirely the units, extend the sanitary areas, implement new modern architectural concept, replace raised floors, install new carpet, ceiling tiles LED lighting and also improve the electrical and fire detection systems.  

The new ventilation system with 4 pipes offers thermic comfort, with 100% fresh air intake, in line with the latest COVID-related health requirements. Increased intake of natural light, but for visual comfort the sun light can be controlled by sun blinds. Also, the windows can be opened, offering natural ventilation, which can increase office productivity by up to 11%. 

“All the new solutions implemented are energy efficient, which is sine qua non condition for any modern building. The achieved goal of the refurbishment process was to offer to our tenants a flexible working environment, comfortable, sustainable, and accessible,” stated Ziv Gigi, General Manager GTC Romania. 

The City Gate Complex includes two tower buildings (ground floor + 18 floors), located in Piața Presei Libere area, and has a total leasable space of 47,700 sqm.