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GTC Bulgaria is welcoming a new tenant on board – fast-growing software company Gtmhub, which will lease 1,700 sqm in Advance Business Centre I. Moreover, one of GTC’s anchor tenants extended the lease in Mall of Sofia Tower for another five years.

Gtmhub is a fast-growing local software company which works with big international clients like Merck, Societe General, Deutsche Telecom, Adobe, Hospital Authority, among others. Now Gtmhub will join the GTC Bulgaria tenant family, renting 1,700 sqm in Advance Business Centre I.

Another GTC Bulgaria tenant signed a lease deal for 2,850 sqm prolongation in Mall of Sofia Tower. This is the largest occupier in the existing MoS tower, taking 80% out of 3,500 sqm A-class office space to fit 750 professionals.

“Building strong and long-lasting relations with tenants has always been our priority and a cornerstone of our strategy. Open and transparent communication, continuous feedback and a flexible attitude to the needs of our clients help us create sustainable, safe and friendly office space. The result of such a tenant-centric approach combined with the expertise of leasing professionals is signing more quality deals, of which now we have perfect examples. I am extremely excited for such dynamic technology-based fast-growing companies to trust us with their office choice. I am also very proud of our Leasing team – undoubtedly, their efforts and expertise will further leverage Bulgaria as a dynamic and promising strategic location for the company’s development and growth,” commented Ziv Gigi, Country Manager of GTC in Romania and Bulgaria.

Advance Business Centre I (16,000 sqm) and Mall of Sofia Tower (3,500 sqm) are Class A office buildings located in the business heart of Sofia, Bulgaria, conveniently interconnected with the main transport arteries of the city. Both offices are LEED certified, providing a high standard of sustainable and ergonomic workspace to its guests and tenants. LEED certification covers all elements of the construction and use of buildings – from the selection of organic and safe materials, through energy efficiency and environmental protection, through the emphasis on exceptional air cleanliness, natural lighting, functionality, waste management systems, adaptability, and comfort of building users.