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Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk has undergone the analysis conducted by experts from the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) from New York. Olivia received a maximum score of 25 out of 25 points. According to the owner of the complex, this is the first such result recorded globally.

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is a data-based, independently verified assessment for buildings, focusing on the analysis of operational rules, use and maintenance standards, stakeholder engagement and contingency plans to ensure maximum COVID-19 protection at present and in the future, ensuring the safety and comfort of their users.

"We keep the safety and quality of life of our space users as an absolute priority, which is why we are happy to undergo such an important certification, carried out by a certification body known throughout the world, for which the priority is the comfort and well-being of people using the space", says Konrad Danecki from Olivia's investor supervision. "During the preparations, we set ourselves the goal of meeting the requirements down to the smallest detail, aiming to obtain the maximum rating in all categories. We are proud that the goal was achieved 100% and that we are one of the first buildings to join the campaign to restore normality and freedom of movement in public buildings. The WELL Building Standard is the world's most important tool for promoting healthy buildings and human-friendly spaces. Such a high rating proves that health and well-being are a priority for Olivia, inspiring the trust of those who visit our facilities and the wider community", adds Konrad Danecki.

Ion air purifiers have been introduced to the buildings, while the air filtration in air handling units has been raised from G4 to the highest possible F7 class. Sensors for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and particulate matter (PM) pollution have also been installed, as well as systems for controlling the intensity of the air exchange based on CO2 measurements. Other measures that have been introduced include sterilisers for entry cards and new elevator settings so that in stand-by mode the lift cabin remains open to allow greater amounts of fresh air inside.

Olivia Business Centre is located at al. Grunwaldzka 472C in Gdańsk’s northern Oliwa district and comprises of eight buildings with around 175,000 sqm of office space. Its tenants include among others Allianz, AirHelp, Amazon, Bayer, Epam Systems, Hays, PwC, Sii and ThyssenKrupp. The investor and owner of Olivia Business Centre is Maciej Grabski.