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German optic company Fielmann wants to set up a new highly automated fulfilment centre for its markets across Europe and therefore signed an agreement about a future lease in Garbe Park Chomutov. The company plans to occupy approximately 30,000 sqm and the planned investment is up to €65 million. This will create 500 jobs in the region, Garbe announced.

Garbe Industrial Real Estate CEE signed an agreement about a future lease agreement with Fielmann to occupy approximately 30,000 sqm in Garbe Park Chomutov (18 km from the German border and 98 km from Prague). The German company plans to develop a new high-tech plant to improve its throughput times, and costs and decrease its carbon footprint. The planned investment is up to €65 million and is part of its strategic program. The lease agreement will be signed for 15 years and completion of the construction is scheduled for the first half of 2023. Garbe Park Chomutov is developed on the brownfield, which Garbe revitalized and started the construction of the speculative hall at the beginning of this year.

Fielmann’s plans for the new centre include yearly production and distribution of 2.5 million eyewear pieces from Chomutov to its 900 branches across Europe. The production facility has an initial capacity of nearly 5 million lenses. The fully automated shuttle fulfilment centre is designed to handle up to 8 million items. This will lead to the creation of more than 500 new jobs in the region.

Martin Stratov, Business Development Director for Garbe for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, said: “This investment of €65 million is unique for the region as well as for the Czech Republic and we are very happy that the project will be realized in Garbe Park Chomutov. The strategy for this park was established to serve production and logistics companies which look for the highest quality space and can benefit from the great connection with Germany. Fielmann is a leading brand and we will do our best to support its plans to expand and develop high-tech production and highly automated fulfilment centre in the region.”

“This brownfield in Chomutov was the first strategic location in Central Europe that we decided to invest in. We were confident that revitalization and speculative development were the steps needed to ensure we were ready when a strong market player was looking to expand in the region. We managed to accomplish this, and are glad that we’ll be working with a company focused on the innovation and quality of such a valuable product," said Martin Polák, Managing Director for Garbe for CEE.