News Article Forte Partners Millo Offices renewable energy Romania Tandem U•Center
by Property Forum | Office

Romanian developer Forte Partners says that all its office projects in Bucharest are powered solely by renewable energy as part of its sustainability strategy.

Forte’s Millo Offices, Tandem and U • Center office buildings have already been certified as green buildings and are now relying solely on renewable energy. 

“We are integrating during the concept phase, and we are implementing during the construction phase all the elements of sustainability and energy efficiency, so that the use of our office buildings is environmentally friendly and creates a healthy and safe working environment,” said Stephen Burke, Construction Director of Forte Partners. 

The company’s office buildings also includes facilities such as biophilic design, intelligent ventilation systems, intelligent LED lighting systems, charging stations for electric vehicles and interactive building management systems.  

Forte Partner’s projects planned for 2022 are valued at €100 million.