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by Property Forum | Office

Romanian developer Forte Partners has delivered the second phase of its U•Center 2 office project in Bucharest. The building has a leasable area of 35,000 sqm and 28,000 sqm have already been occupied by office and retail tenants.

The first phase of the complex was completed in Q3 2021 and was sold to Romanian investor Pavăl Holding at the end of last year.

”We are pleased to have been able to adapt the project to the new requirements of the office market, given that the work style has changed significantly since 2019, the year in which construction works began on the first phase of the project, and U•Center 2 has been chosen by major companies,” said Geo Mărgescu, CEO and Co-Founder of Forte Partners.

The first phase of the project achieved LEED Platinum certification with a score of 85 and the developer aims to obtain the same certification for the second phase.

Forte Partners has an office and residential portofolio in Bucharest valued at more than €450 million.