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by Property Forum | Office

Cluj-based office building Amera Tower has received a pre-certification as a "zero waste building" and is working towards obtaining the full certificate from the Zero Waste Europe organization, making it the first project in Romania that gets this label. 

In the past eight months, the owners of the building were able to reduce by 83% the waste that would have otherwise reached the landfills. Within the reorganization project of the working system, it went from the classic waste system on four fractions, to the implementation of a separate collection system on 12 types of waste including general plastic, metal and cardboard. The Zero Waste Building certificate is granted to projects that cut generated waste by 90%.

„The investment in the optimization of the collection system was minimal, just a few thousands lei; in our opinion, the most relevant was the change in our attitude and perception. We proved that there’s no need to spend a lot of money to create a truly sustainable work environment,” says Adam Ambrus, manager of Amera. 

Amera was able to reach the waste reduction target together with its partners E.ON Business Services Cluj, Groupama Asigurări, La Casa restaurant and kindergarten ELF. Amera Tower was certified as the first green building in Cluj-Napoca, back in 2012, by the U.S. Green Building Council.