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Park Avenue Tower in Tirana has become the first Albanian office project to secure BREEAM Design Stage certification with an Excellent rating, a level in alignment with European standards for commercial investments. The process of certification was conducted by experts from Colliers Poland with support from the Colliers Albania team.

Located in the new urban centre of Tirana, Albania, Park Avenue Tower is a high-rise building that will be a part of the Park Avenue mixed-use complex. With nearly 13,000 sqm of office space, the tower is equipped with advanced systems, user-friendly amenities and modern pro-ecological solutions.

Jane Goddard, Deputy CEO and Chief Marketing Officer at BRE commented: “Today’s news is a major step forward for the built environment in Albania. With its first BREEAM-certified building, Albania will be able to promote the value of sustainable building methods to local stakeholders, whilst benefitting from the holistic approach of BREEAM to achieve ESG, health, and net zero goals. Businesses will play a crucial role in driving the change we need to see in the commercial buildings sector to achieve net zero, and projects like Park Avenue Tower should encourage other local investors – as well as those in Europe more widely – to follow suit and design buildings with sustainability at their core.”

 “Achieving green building validation is a significant breakthrough in Albania. It will contribute to raising the awareness of local investors on sustainable building methods at the European level, and potential end-users can start to expect such standards from landlords. It is the country's first sustainable building certification under the famous British scheme. As a long-time consultant with experience in projects in Central and Eastern Europe, I see great potential and progress in the development of green construction in Albania, as well as other emerging markets across the Balkans. I am glad that we were able to support the BRE certification body to establish the assessment weightings for Albania. It has been a rewarding professional journey. Moreover, the Park Avenue Tower has already set a very high market standard for sustainable commercial real estate in this part of Europe”,  says Edyta Chromiec, Associate Director in ESG Strategic Advisory, Colliers Poland.

“Our 15 years of promoting the importance of green certification in the Albanian real estate market have started to gain results. We are thrilled to have assisted the very first BREEAM design certification in the country, especially with an Excellent rating, which places Park Avenue among the highest quality office buildings worldwide. Such certification is nowadays a primary requirement among high-calibre tenants, as sustainability is a key element that drives office demand today”, says Stela Dhami, Managing Partner of Colliers Albania.

The design of the Park Avenue Tower features a number of innovations to foster a healthy indoor environment, including the installation of high-performance ventilation systems that minimise air pollution, as well as optimal natural and artificial lighting that ensures visual comfort for users while also providing views. Notably, extensive analysis has been conducted to assess the building's resilience to climate change scenarios, guaranteeing a thermally comfortable environment both presently and in the years to come.

Pivotal in raising the performance of the project was adherence to a set of European CEN and the American ASHRAE technical standards. As a result, the water systems meet health and safety best practices to reduce contamination risk, and mechanical systems ensure high energy performance to minimise operational energy demand and CO₂ emissions. The building will also feature intelligent metering systems for effective control of water consumption and the avoidance of uncontrolled leaks in the building.

“From day one, our vision for Park Avenue has been crystal clear: to establish a groundbreaking presence as the epitome of avant-garde office and commercial units in the vibrant backdrop of Mediterranean Tirana. This project embodies innovation, sophistication and a strategic blend of contemporary design set against the unique charm of a Mediterranean cityscape. We take immense pride in being the pioneers in introducing an esteemed certification to Albania, marking a momentous occasion in Orion's renowned 25-year journey. This recognition not only elevates our standing within the industry but also underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence. As we pioneer this honourable certification, we are poised to set new benchmarks and continue our legacy of delivering exceptional quality and innovation in the Albanian real estate landscape”, says Rudina Murati, Commercial Director, ORION LLC.