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by Property Forum | Office

Echo Investment has finished the construction of the second stage of the Face2Face Business Campus office complex in Katowice, Poland. Capgemini, as the first of the tenants, started working in the new office at Żelazna 2.

The construction of the Face2Face Business Campus began in May 2018. The first, seven-storey office building with an area of nearly 21,000 sqm obtained the occupancy permit at the beginning of this year. Today, Echo Investment commissioned the second stage and completed of the entire complex. The second office building offers 26,000 sqm of workspace.

“The start and the end of 2020 in Katowice has been marked by the Face2Face Business Campus for us. A few months ago, we welcomed the tenants of the first office building at Żelazna Street, and today we are proud to announce the opening of the second stage of the project. Capgemini started work in the office building. Subsequent companies have already taken over their space and are carrying out advanced activities aimed at moving into the new premises at the beginning of 2021,” says Joanna Nicińska, regional director in the office department of Echo Investment – “Face2Face Business Campus stands out because of its location, unique architecture and a well-designed, comfortable workspace. We make every effort to ensure that employees feel comfortable and safe in these premises. Therefore, following the solutions used at the first stage, we also introduced the "Five for Safety" program in the second building, which takes into account a number of activities beneficial for the health and safety of office users,” she adds.

The second phase of the Face2Face Business Campus is fifteen storeys high. This guarantees the top floors of the office building to offer a perfect view of Katowice. Grupa 5 Architekci is responsible for the architectural design. The building obtained the BREEAM certificate at the Excellent level as early as the design stage.

“The completion of the construction and obtaining the occupancy permit for the second stage of the Face2Face Business Campus also means the completion of over 46,000 sqm of office space that we're delivering to the Katowice market. For the sake of our employees, we've introduced the increased health and safety standards as well as a number of procedures that allowed us to complete the construction safely and on schedule. Ahead of us are the works related to the development of the terrain around the building. Face2Face is a unique project because a part of it is a large green multi-functional patio located between the buildings. We'll be able to admire the effects of these works mid-year,” says Paweł Szarpak, senior project manager in the office department of Echo Investment.