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by Property Forum | Residential

Brno-based developer Domoplan will start to build over 400 flats in a new residential area in Brno next year. The Brixx project will offer housing for around 1,000 people and will cost around €169 million, the developer announced, according to a report by ČTK.

The Brixx residential project by Brno-based developer Domoplan of the Fipox group will include 328 flats, 81 studios and other small flats for students. There will also be a clinic, cafes, shops and a common green courtyard. If Brixx obtains a building permit this year, construction should start next year. It will be built opposite the Brno University Hospital and the new residential project will cost around €169 million, according to the developer. Completion is planned for 2027, reports ČTK.

"Our goal is not only to build a residential complex that will be depopulated during the day and people will return to it only in the evening. The two planned blocks will be multifunctional so that people can find everything they need in them. From shops and services to doctors' surgeries. In Block B there will be a green Piazzetta with gardens of cafes and bistros," described Domoplan founder Tomáš Vavřík. The architectural studio Pelčák a partner designed the look of the two residential blocks. "The corner high-rise building with 20 floors forms a gateway motif marking the entrance to the city together with the inpatient building of the Brno University Hospital. This is one of the few places in Brno where it was possible to build such a tall building," said Pelčák.

Prices of apartments in Brixx will range from €4,000 to €4,400 per sqm. In addition, the developer plans to add 90 accommodation units for students. These will be rented out by the developer in a similar way to the Domeq residences. "The student units have an area of about 16 sqm and are about 2.5 metres wide with a small kitchenette. They are close to a room in a student dormitory. These units then have a large common area where students can spend time together," Vavřík described. He said that these accommodation units can similarly serve seniors. The developer is considering introducing so-called co-housing for seniors and young people.