News Article Bucharest Dageco Exhibition Estate ESG Nicolae Ciobanu Romania
by Property Forum | Office

Business park Dageco Expoziției Estate is among the first the first office buildings in Bucharest that will produce renewable energy after the installation of 260 photovoltaic panels on the roof. The clean energy will also power two car charging stations. 

The total investment in the project stands at around 500,000 lei (€100,000) at is financed through the Electric-Up program. 

The Dageco Exhibition Estate project has a total area of 25,000 sqm, with four mixed-use buildings. The main building accommodates modern offices with a total area of 11,000 sqm and commercial spaces on the ground floor. 

“Reducing electricity costs and creating mobility facilities are the first criteria to be considered, against the background of the energy crisis and inflation. Office building owners and developers who will be more aware of this, will be the most competitive. It is a good time for owners of existing buildings to differentiate themselves from the competition through green energy production facilities, given that deliveries of new buildings are declining. Also, the location will play an important role, the tenants being interested in vibrant, verdant areas with easy access and short distances between home and office, but also to relaxation facilities, food, or leisure,” said Nicolae Ciobanu, Managing Partner- Head of Advisory at Fortim Trusted Advisors, which is the exclusive lease agent for the project. 

He added that the ESG movement will radically change the office market over the next three to five years.