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by Property Forum | Investment

Venture capital fund eMan Innovations has announced its new investment in smart modular homes. It is entering Juooh with a 45% stake and intends to further expand its portfolio in the energy sector.

The investment fund of the Prague-based software firm eMan has announced another investment in the higher units of millions of crowns. It enters Juooh with a 45% stake. The eMan technology holding thus complements its portfolio with another part of the industry - smart and sustainable housing. "In cooperation with Juooh, we have managed to sell most of the production capacity for 2023 and 2024, and the construction of the first resort in the Krušné hory Mountains is underway. If we continue to do well in this way, we plan to start building our own factory in the next few years," explains Michal Košek, a member of the Management Board of eMan Innovations. The venture capital fund eMan Innovations sees significant opportunities and synergies in the energy sector and intends to expand its portfolio in this respect with an additional investment.

In addition to the "standard" modular houses, which Juooh can easily relocate to almost anywhere, the company is now also straining towards a relatively non-standard requirement from just a year ago - modular bunkers. "Our houses are made up of several parts and can be scaled up or down according to the customer's needs. In today's economy, the quick construction, lower cost and scalability of the dwellings is a suitable alternative for many," adds Petr Křivský, managing director of Juooh. The company Juooh is also focusing on the specifics of other markets. It is currently negotiating with a Dutch company to build its first modular houseboats.

Venture capital fund eMan Innovations focuses mainly on Czech and Slovak companies and projects with global reach. This is primarily in the field of information technology or industries that will undergo strong technological transformation and innovation in the coming years. The eMan Innovations Fund is backed by the Czech technology company eMan and IPR Care. Shares of eMan are freely traded on the Start market of the Prague Stock Exchange from 2020.