News Article Cushman&Wakefield ESG Katarzyna Lipka Krzysztof Misiak Poland
by Property Forum | Career

Cushman & Wakefield has established in Poland a strategic consulting and ESG department led by Katarzyna Lipka. At the same time, Ewa Derlatka-Chilewicz has been promoted to Head of Research.

In early 2023, the agency set up a multidisciplinary team for its ESG Hub of experts from various business lines, led by Lipka in partnership with Ilona Otoka, Senior ESG Consultant.

“It is indisputable that ESG plays a strategic role in business operating models. The whole real estate industry is going through a deep transformation process as a result of pending sustainability legislation – this requires special attention, in-depth insight and a smart alignment of business objectives with environmental and social goals. This is an area in which we also support our clients. As an advisory company, we base our recommendations largely on a careful and multidimensional analysis of market data. That’s why we decided to split our strategic consulting and research department and appoint Katarzyna Lipka and Ewa Derlatka-Chilewicz to lead the two new teams,” says Krzysztof Misiak, Head of Cushman & Wakefield Poland.

Lipka, previously Head of Consulting and Research, and Lead of the ESG Hub at Cushman & Wakefield, has over 17 years of experience in these areas, including highest and best use analysis, property repositioning and repurposing strategies. In her new role, she will also focus on developing integrated strategies that will address sustainability goals and proposing solutions and tools supporting clients in achieving them.

Cushman & Wakefield has broad experience in multi-criteria certification schemes such as BREEAM and LEED. It also provides energy advisory services for property companies.