News Article Brno CTP Czech Republic development office
by Property Forum | Office

CTP has officially launched the construction of a CZK 1.5 billion office building which will close the first stage of the Brno Ponávka complex development and will offer its tenants state-of-the-art technological, and environmentally sustainable solutions. At the same time, a modern urban park worth CZK 30 million is being built in the complex, as a cooperation between the developer and the City of Brno, as well as the third part of the cycle path connecting the Ponávka and Vlněna complexes.

The A4 building is scheduled for completion in 2023/2024 and will close the revitalisation of the Ponávka site, where a unique complex of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings has been created. On its 13 floors, the project will offer 25,000 sqm of office space, complemented by small shops, showrooms, and restaurants on the lower floors.

The project is designed to meet the highest sustainability requirements. It will offer smart solutions in rainwater and greywater management, as well as world-class technologies. The building boasts autonomously operating lighting systems, responding to sunlight and movement in the building, thus significantly increasing energy saving. Moreover, the building will feature an in-house photovoltaic power plant, as well as unique ventilation and air exchange system guaranteeing the highest possible comfort. The building will also complement Ponávka's dynamic community environment aesthetically. Its design is the work of Studio acht, which has cladded the building in a glass shell.

"A4 is the last of the buildings being constructed on the original brownfield site and will conclude the revitalisation of the Ponávka complex. After that, our focus will shift to the masterpiece that is the C5 building, which will leave its mark on history among the modern architecture of the new building. A4 will be very impressive in its form as well as function. We will be able to offer our clients cutting-edge technologies, that will make their work more efficient, and their stay in the building more pleasant, while maintaining high standards of sustainability," commented Michal Dospěl, Regional Project Manager at CTP.

"This is the second project we have worked on with CTP and I am proud of the result. The A4 building is a blend of state-of-the-art architectural elements that perfectly accentuate the unique environment of the site. In addition to the functional design, combining aluminium and glass, the building also boasts a set of smart and sustainable elements that place it high among the most modern office buildings in the country," said Václav Hlaváček, Architect at Studio acht.

As part of the long-term restoration of the area around the Ponávka River, CTP is also working on other projects. Currently, the developer is cooperating with the city of Brno to build a modern park, which will be created by the reclamation of land belonging to the city and CTP-owned land. The developer is contributing CZK 5 million to the CZK 30 million project and will provide its land to the city free of charge for 30 years after its completion. The park is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. It will also include a cycle path connecting the Ponávka and Vlněna complexes, with CTP now starting the construction of its third phase.