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by Property Forum | Industrial

CTP Romania, the largest developer and owner of warehouses in the country, has more than 270,000 sqm currently under construction in Bucharest and regional cities, accounting for around 26% of all development underway at the group level. 

The company has already reached 2 million sqm of operational warehouse space in 14 Romanian cities. In Bucharest alone, CTP owns five industrial parks. 

Timișoara has become the second largest industrial market for CTP in Romania after purchasing projects in the area. 

“CTP has over 1 million sqm under construction around the network and we are proud to say that Romania is one of the most dynamic markets, after Czech,” said Ana Dumitrache, Country Head of CTP Romania. 

The largest projects under construction for CTP Romania are located in the following parks: CTPark Bucharest West (at km 23 of the A1 highway), CTPark Bucharest North (in Ștefănești), CTPark Timișoara (Ghiroda area), CTPark Bucharest (km 13 of the A1 highway).