News Article Ana Dumitrache Bucharest Clubhaus CTP CTPark Bucharest West Romania
by Property Forum | Industrial

Industrial developer CTP has obtained the first BREEAM Outstanding certification in its Romanian portfolio for the Clubhaus multifunctional space, part of CTPark Bucharest West. 

The Clubhaus building covers 20% of its energy needs from photovoltaic panels placed on the roof, while the interior was designed to offer natural light, thermal and acoustic comfort. The sanitary ware chosen ensures the lowest possible water consumption and there are even systems to detect and prevent possible water leaks. In terms of landscaping, the Clubhouse is surrounded by an orchard of trees, vines, various species of shrubs and flowers. The roof of the ground-floor building is covered with trees. 

"Clubhaus is an important part of CTPark Bucharest West and has established itself as a game-changer in the industrial park market, by being designed as a platform for educational events, with a multi-purpose amphitheatrewhere our clients can hold workshops and trainings, as well as for the services it offers,” said Ana Dumitrache, Country Head, CTP Romania. 

CTPark Bucharest West has a leasable area of more than 770,000 sqm and hosts more than 2,000 employees.