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by Property Forum | Industrial

Industrial developer CTP has achieved the first BREEAM Outstanding certification for BUW 20-21, with an area of over 100,000 sqm, part of CTPark Bucharest West. 

CTPark Bucharest West has a leasable area of more than 778,000 sqm and hosts more than 2,500 employees working permanently in the industrial park. 

This is the first warehouse to obtain the BREEAM Outstanding certification and confirms that the developer can set new records in terms of energy efficiency and innovation, explained Ana Dumitrache, Managing Director, CTP Romania. The warehouse’s electricity consumption is fully covered by PV panels installed on the roof. 

“A regional logistics hub, covering both the Balkans and regions such as Turkey and the Middle East, including Cyprus, CTPark Bucharest West is a unique project in the industrial park market, not only in terms of size, but also in terms of the quality of life enjoyed by the employees of the companies in the park. A platform for educational events, with a multi-purpose amphitheater, as well as a restaurant and pizzeria, café, meeting rooms, medical office and outdoor sports and relaxation area, CTPark Bucharest West has established itself as a real magnet for employee recruitment and retention,” added Dumitrache. 

The certification process was managed by ADP Green Building. Moreover, of the 422 BREEAM-certified buildings in Romania, 107 are part of CTP's portfolio. 

"Our collaboration with CTP is characterized by impact through scale, both because of the very large building footprints and the number of projects,” said Adrian Pop, Manager of ADP Green Building.