News Article Budapest CPI Hungary office renovation
by Property Forum | Office

Owner CPI Hungary will complete the second stage of a reconstruction project in its Arena Corner office building, updating it to reflect the latest office trends and changing tenant requirements.

The first major reconstruction project of the Arena Corner office building in Budapest was completed in 2018, allowing the building to remain competitive by acknowledging the latest office trends. This year, reconstruction of the building owned by CPI Hungary will continue with the second phase. The interior design contract for creating and updating nearly 1,000 sqm of community and service space was awarded to MádiLáncos Studio. Once building plans are complete, construction work will last until the second half of 2021.

The owner, CPI Hungary, decided a few years ago to rebuild the common areas of the 29,000 sqm Arena Corner complex, which comprises three towers and was built in 2006, in order to accommodate the latest office trends. The first phase of the comprehensive project in 2018 was renovating the lobby of the main building. The building engineering system was also refurbished, and measures to ensure a safe working environment were put in place last year.

This year's reconstruction schedule deals with the second phase, under which CPI will place emphasis on the aesthetic and functional renovation of further community spaces totalling some 1,000 sqm. In the main building, affected areas include the restaurant, the café and the kitchen. In addition, in the wing towards Kerepesi road, the reception space and the elevator area will be rebuilt as it transitions from the earlier headquarters use to a multi-tenant system.

The interior design contract was awarded to MádiLáncos Studio. Once the full concept and the building plans are complete, reconstruction work will begin and is expected to be completed by September.