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CPI Property Group has sold part of its Czech facility management business to M2C, which provides security, maintenance and cleaning services. Employees from the existing facility management division will be transferred to M2C.

M2C is a major Central European company with international know-how. In addition, it is a stable company with many years of experience in facility management and many other fields. M2C has been providing professional services for CPIPG for many years.

The structure of the Czech part of CPI Property Group has been undergoing reorganization in recent months. Following the merger of the property and asset management departments, the facility management division has now been sold. It will be newly covered by M2C FM, s.r.o., a company in which both CPI Property Group and M2C have ownership shares.

"This step is related to our long-term strategy, which aims to focus on the main sectors of our business. When it comes to professional activities that are not directly related to these business goals, we want to work closely with companies for which these activities are their main focus,” said Zdeněk Havelka, Executive Director of CPI Property Group.

"We are very pleased to have the opportunity to grow in the facility management segment together with CPI Property Group. We value the new employees we receive from CPIPG, as well as their high professional level achieved in the internal division of facility management in CPIPG. By integrating it, we will strengthen our position on the market, increase our regional reach and we will continue to strive for the satisfaction of our clients and users of the buildings we take care of under the M2C brand, ”adds Matěj Bárta, Co-Owner of M2C.