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by Property Forum | Investment

Cooperation between Slovak developer Corwin and Czech-Slovak investment company Hartenberg will comprise more than half a dozen real estate projects in Slovakia and Slovenia.    

Corwin partners with Hartenberg Holding, a company focused on investments in the Central European region, currently active in 7 different industries and more than 40 companies in 10 European countries.          

Both parties expect at least 4 of the joint projects to be located in Slovenia, where Corwin is already active with its 221-apartment residential project Kvartet and the Vilharia office development. As the first venture jointly developed by both partners, Vilharia will be the flagship office project in Ljubljana. The construction is expected to start in Q4 2022, with other projects to follow.

According to Corwin, this partnership is not only a mark of common trust and respect but also an opportunity to accelerate their growth and refine their approach to sustainability. ”In our 11 years of operations, we have created some unique projects. However, we are ready to expand and push the benchmarks even further as the leader in sustainable real estate development. Our aim is to become an international green investment platform and we believe that this partnership can be the first step towards that goal,” commented Róbert Mitterpach, CFO & Member of the Board at Corwin.

Apart from establishing a strong position in the real estate market, Hartenberg Holding expects the partnership to further strengthen its “green” objectives. “We see this partnership as an investment into sustainable real estate development, which will shape the landscape of Ljubljana and Bratislava. We appreciate Corwin’s focus on good urbanism, innovative & ecological solutions and exquisite architecture, which helps them continually deliver products of unique quality. By combining our financial strength and know-how, we can engage in positive city transformation and create exceptionally sustainable projects that we can be proud of. We expect that our joint-venture will become the market leader in Ljubljana in the next few years,added Jozef Janov, Managing Partner at Hartenberg Holding.