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by Property Forum | Industrial

Due to its growing portfolio and improving tenant structure, Czech developer Contera has decided to secure financing for its projects and development for the next seven years, Daniela Fraňková, Contera's CFO, confirmed for Property Forum. The refinancing will be provided by UniCredit Bank and two other banks.

"The valuation of our portfolio has not gone down, on the contrary, it is on an upward trend thanks to the increase in rental income - it currently stands at more than €560 million. We are using reasonable financial leverage and are able to provide quality collateral, thanks to which we have obtained financing in the aggregate amount of €270 million," said Daniela Fraňková, explaining that they have secured stable financing from three banks for the next seven years. Specifically, it is a cooperation with ČSOB, UniCredit Bank and Komerční banka," adds Dušan Kastl, Contera's CEO.

The increase in credit lines relates to a joint portfolio with the US company TPG, and the transaction was carried out with the assistance and supervision of the law firms Baker McKenzie and White & Case. The Czech Contera parks in question are Teplice, Ostrava D1, Hrušov, Mošnov and Hustopeče. In Slovakia, the Contera Parks are Prešov, Svatý Jur, Bratislava and Bratislava City.

"Our cooperation with Contera on the above-mentioned projects has proved successful, so we have decided to embark on other partnership projects - and not only in Říčany," said Peter Bečár, the nominated Managing Director for TPG. With the funds raised, Contera wants to operate efficiently and continue to expand.

"We place great emphasis on revitalization and environmental friendliness, which is in Contera's DNA. Another area that is important to us is the concept of so-called small business units. These flexible units consist of office space, showrooms and small commercial, warehouse, production or development areas tailored to smaller and medium-sized businesses. It is the small business units that should form the basis of the second stage of revitalisation in Říčany," noted Dušan Kastl.