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Panattoni Europe laid the cornerstone for the construction of a 35,000 sqm facility for FM Logistic at Panattoni Park Głogów. From these premises, the tenant will service B2C e-commerce for a leading pet store chain owned by Fressnapf Group, which operates in Poland under the international brand Maxi Zoo, carrying out orders for individual clients from Poland and Germany. Panattoni Park Głogów, which will eventually cover 20 ha, is to offer 110,000 sqm under one roof. The investment is to be BREEAM certified at the ‘Excellent’ level.

In October this year, the developer started the construction of Panattoni Park Głogów – with a target area of ​​110,000 sqm – and today held the cornerstone ceremony for the construction of a new facility for the park's first tenant, FM Logistic. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the local authorities, the developer and FM Logistic.

FM Logistic, which operates on three continents and in 14 countries, has signed a long-term contract for 35,000 sqm of the space in the park, which will be used for the storage of goods and to provide logistics services for the B2C e-commerce channel of a leading pet store chain owned by Fressnapf Group, which operates in Poland under the international brand Maxi Zoo. The company expects to handle up to 4 million orders by 2023 for individual customers in Poland and Germany. The facility will expand the online sales segment of the Fressnapf Group, which operates almost 1,800 pet stores across Europe. FM Logistic is to move in to its new premises in May 2022. Panattoni Park Głogów will be entirely certified under the BREEAM sustainability assessment at the ‘Excellent’ level, enabling the first tenant to minimise its CO2 emissions as well as its energy and water consumption. The developer will also conduct an analysis to ensure that each office room has the appropriate acoustics, thermal comfort and access to daylight.

“Once again, it is clear that Panattoni’s space is highly appreciated by the e-commerce sector. Of the more than 12 million sqm we have delivered in Europe, over one-third is used for online sales. We are being chosen by regional and global leaders as well as representatives of specific industries, such as DIY and clothing. In this case, a logistics operator that will provide services to a pet store chain has placed its trust in us, which just confirms our versatility when it comes to ​​e-commerce,” comments Damian Kowalczyk, the Development Director of Panattoni. He also emphasises the importance of this new location: “Głogów provides confirmation of the ongoing potential of Lower Silesia. A month ago, the town where our latest investment is situated was ranked second in the Business-Friendly Local Authority category in the Lower Silesian Economic Business Stars Plebiscite 2021. The investment-friendly attitude of the local authorities enables the town to exploit its full potential. With the addition of Panattoni's modern and sustainable space, another town has become an attractive location for the leaders of several industries, such as FM Logistic.”

“The decision to choose Lower Silesia as the location of the warehouse followed extensive research into how to optimise the services provided by our customer, Maxi Zoo. We took into account such factors as the availability of employees and the possibility of efficient deliveries to the German market. Panattoni’s latest investment is ideal for such requirements,” claims Anna Galas, a Senior Business Development Director at FM Logistic, who adds: “We are also seeing increased interest and demand for such types of operations in our country, as well as excellent development opportunities here for our other clients.”

Panattoni Park Głogówis located approx. 110 km from the Polish–German border and at a similar distance from Poland’s southern border with the Czech Republic. The park is also just 10 km from the S3 road – the main transport corridor in the region connecting Głogów with Zielona Góra and Szczecin – and also provides convenient access to the A4 motorway to the south and the A2 motorway to the north. Thanks to the transport infrastructure provided by the local Municipal Investment Zone, tenants of the complex will also have convenient access to rail transport.