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Colliers has taken over the management of more office buildings belonging to a joint venture of Investika realitní fond and Bud Holdings – Łużycka Office Park, and Łużycka Plus located in Gdynia. Thus, six office projects in the Tri-City have already come under the care of Colliers' management. Experts from the company's regional office will additionally be responsible for supporting the owner in the property’s commercialisation.

“More and more foreign companies are investing in office properties in Poland, including in the Tri-City market. In the first half of 2022 alone, the Tri-City ranked second in terms of new supply growth and was the third regional market in Poland to exceed 1 million square metres of offered office space. An attractive location in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe, the availability of a skilled workforce, the high standard of the buildings and the use of “green” solutions in them are the factors that attract the attention of investors. Moreover, Poland is a leader in the CEE region when it comes to sustainable solutions used in commercial real estate and certificates obtained,” says Agnieszka Krzekotowska, Senior Partner, Head of Property Management Department, Colliers.

Both Łużycka Office Park and Łużycka Plus are almost fully leased. Łużycka Office Park is a complex of five buildings located at Łużycka Street in Gdynia, with a total office space of 22,500 sqm, of which four buildings have come under Colliers' care. Łużycka Plus is a building with 6,362 sqm of office space, which received the Czas Gdyni Award for the best investment of 2014. It is also the first building in Poland with Obiekt Bez Barier certification. 

"The portfolio of properties managed by Colliers in the Tri-City continues to grow and currently includes nearly 115,000 sqm of office space in the area. In earlier years, three other office projects in Gdańsk came under our management: Długa, Neon and C200 Office, but also other buildings owned by the joint venture of Investika realitní fond and Bud Holdings – the office complex Tensor in Gdynia. We are pleased that our extensive experience and expertise provide support for clients who contribute to the dynamic development of the office sector,” Agnieszka Krzekotowska concludes.“After the recent change of ownership, in which Colliers advisors had the opportunity to represent the seller, the tenants of the Łużycka Office Park and Łużycka Plus complexes remained in good hands. The scale effect we are achieving with the commercialization of the Łużycka and Tensor complexes (8 buildings in total) gives us new opportunities. Thanks to them, we will provide tenants with added value, including, for example, building a community, and thus integrating companies and their employees around interesting initiatives,” says Izabela Disterheft, Regional Director of Office Department in Colliers in the Tri-City.