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by Property Forum | Office

Green Court Office, a 20,000 sqm office building located in District 13 of Budapest has reached structural completion last week. A few days earlier, Green Court Office was awarded an interim BREEAM Excellent certification. The building is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2021.

Developer Codic Hungary, member of Codic International and constructor KÉSZ Építő és Szerelő Zrt., member of KÉSZ Group celebrated Green Court Office reaching its highest point with a topping-out event. In recent months, despite the pandemic situation, work has progressed at full steam. 65% of the office areas in Green Court Office has already been leased.

Green Court Office meets the requirements of a nearly zero energy building. The list of energy-efficient solutions includes the induction chilled beam with low energy consumption, the heat pump and the reuse of harvested rainwater. The property’s key feature is a double-skinned, ventilated glass façade that aims to increase visual and acoustical comfort, whilst reducing much of the cooling consumptions. The inlet of natural fresh air possible through openable windows located every 2.7 metres.

Codic is looking into the introduction of custom technical solutions, such as placing a sterilization filter in the mechanical system and implementing contactless access from the main entrance to the work stations.

Electric car charging stations have been installed in the underground garage and on the ground floor, in addition to 100+ bicycle parking racks with changing rooms and showers.

In a contract with District 13, Codic Hungary has undertaken the redevelopment of the office building’s surroundings with quality block paving, the construction of a new pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Kassák and Taksony streets, and the replacement of missing trees in adjacent public areas.

Green Court Office is a development of Codic Hungary, in partnership with Pesti Házak Zrt. and Picton Group AG.

Photo: György Palkó