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by Property Forum | Career

CBRE has expanded its team with the first humanoid robot available in a real estate company in Romania, PepperEscu. By doing so since May, CBRE aims to use the robot's technological abilities to create synergy between people as end-users of the properties, from office workers to visitors to shopping centres.

"Our goal is to integrate technology into reinventing real estate business, facilitating communication between people and the locations they use. With the assistance of technology, PepperEscu being a perfect example of it, we can streamline processes and create a sense of familiarity both in office buildings and shopping centres. The space of a building thus becomes an experience in itself, where people are eager to come back”, said Răzvan Iorgu, Managing Director, CBRE Romania.

In the first few weeks as a member of the CBRE real estate consultancy company, the humanoid robot PepperEscu has already engaged, as a speaker, in one of the most relevant events dedicated to the real estate market in Romania, along with more than 300 participants. Together with the company's team, it launched an application for the local real estate market, CUE by CBRE. Furthermore, it has been involved with various company clients and even met one of the largest real estate landlords, to whom he presented real estate market data and analyzed the main trends.

Bringing PepperEscu alongside the CBRE team is only one of the numerous steps taken by the company in the process of including technology in the real estate market. The humanoid robot has already received a job description, which includes both communication with colleagues and clients, as well as a plan of its own professional development.

"PepperEscu acts as an interface between the company and customers who come to the CBRE office and for those who work or visit buildings from CBRE Property Management portfolio in Bucharest and other cities in the country. It is an interactive guide with a play component so that it can be easily liked by the people it socializes with. PepperEscu can answer questions, provide information about the facilities of the building, concerning nearby services, or events taking place close-by, acting as a concierge", explained Alexandru Boghiu, Digital & Technology Director at CBRE Romania.

As part of CBRE Romania, PepperEscu is working with over 160 colleagues. Additionally, there is also the number of the employees in the office buildings CBRE manages, including Aviatorilor 8 building in Victoria Square, where the company is headquartered, as well as other administered office locations, retail and industrial offices, a total portfolio of over 770,000 sqm.