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by Property Forum | Investment

Cavatina Holding, the largest Polish office developer, established a bond issue program worth up to PLN 200 million and submitted a prospectus to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF), which, if approved, will form the basis of the issue. Michael/Ström Dom Maklerski has been engaged to organize the issue.

"After our first public offering of shares in July, we want to further take advantage of the opportunities offered by the capital market, which is why we are preparing for a public bond issue of up to PLN 200 million. Obtaining financing from bonds will be an important step in realization of the Group's strategic goal, i.e. reaching a 1 million sq. m. GLA investment portfolio by 2025", says Daniel Draga, vice-president of the board of Cavatina Holding.

The established bond program allows for the issuance of up to PLN 200 million of bonds in one or more series. The transactions will be conducted in the form of public issues, and the bonds will be introduced to trading on the WSE. All bonds will be secured.

In July 2021. Cavatina Holding conducted the first public issue of shares, from which it raised PLN 187.5 million gross. In turn, the company's bonds have been listed on the Catalyst market since January 2021.