News Article Casta Horea Crăciun residential Romania
by Property Forum | Investment

Digital property platform Casta, part of Neogen group, has taken over real estate classifieds' portal Magazinul de Case, in a bid to expand across Romania. 

Following the acquisition, Casta will expand in Bucharest and in another five cities: Cluj-Napoca, Timișoara, Brașov, Iași and Arad. 

“Even in this period when we are impacted by Covid-19 pandemic, the services we offer have proven to be an efficient and sustainable solution for current and future homeowners and a development path for partners,” says Horea Crăciun, Casta general director. 

Over 3,000 apartment owners in Bucharest used the instant buy service of Casta, through which the company purchases the property with immediate payment if the seller is satisfied with the price. 

The platform also helps real estate sellers and can streamline access to funding.