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by Property Forum | Industrial

Delivery firm Cargus has started operations last September in a warehouse covering 15,000 sqm in CTPark Bucharest that will accommodate fulfillment demand of e-commerce companies. 

The warehouse is operated by QeOPS, the provider of e-fulfillment services and customized logistics solutions that was taken over by Cargus last year. The location is multi-client and includes a wide variety of products, from memory sticks to large appliances such as side-by-side refrigerators and volumetric furniture.   

Cargus says it can provide a wide range of fulfillment services from the warehouse and the solutions are flexible depending on the requirements of clients. Fees are based on the pay-as-you-go model. 

„Basically, for Cargus customers who also benefit from e-fulfillment services, the CUT-OFF time, order preparation and delivery to the courier, will increase until 20:00, and thus they will benefit from a competitive advantage over from other online stores, with next day delivery nationwide,” said Paul Copil, CEO and Founder of QeOPS. 

Going forward, the company aims to invest in warehouse automation and increase by half the number of employees in the operations division.