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by Property Forum | Residential

Real estate consultancy Crosspoint Real Estate estimates that all 256 apartments in Vulcan Residence based in Bucharest will be sold by the second half of 2023. The agency is the exclusive seller of the project, which is NEPI Rockcastle’s first residential investment in Romania. 

“Vulcan Residence is the first in a series of residential projects to be developed near the shopping malls owned by NEPI Rockcastle, in several cities across the country,” said Iulian Rusu, Head of NEPI Residential. 

The company is investing €22 million in the compound that will meet the latest sustainability and energy efficiency regulations, including the European nZEB standard. The compound will include 271 parking lots, green spaces and retail areas. 

Vulcan Residence will be located near a shopping mall owned by NEPI Rockcastle. The company has the biggest portfolio of shopping centres in Romania.