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by Property Forum | Retail

Wood & Company is starting to improve its Aupark shopping centre in Bratislava. It plans to expand it with three more retail units and open the space to other global brands, reports.

The Aupark shopping and entertainment centre in Bratislava's Petržalka district is planning to expand with three exclusive retail units. The centre was opened in 2001 and is currently owned by Wood & Company. 

"The expansion of the centre is our response to the current demand for larger retail formats and the growing interest in new brands. However, the aim of the expansion is also to support the quality of shopping, customer comfort and our commitment to sustainable construction and operation," says Veronika Košická, Director of Aupark Bratislava Shopping Centre.

Aupark will create a trio of large-scale retail formats. Key brands of the Inditex group should be represented in the shopping centre, which will expand its stores to the flagship store format. However, other global brands are also to open their spaces. The disappearance of the outdoor car park will be compensated by the construction of capacities within the expanded underground car park.

The changes to the interior respect the previous concept of the centre. "When renovating the interior in 2015, we placed emphasis on making sure that visitors can navigate the shopping centre and easily find what they need. We will continue to respect this principle. However, the demands on the construction and operation of the centre have shifted and our next important priority is the sustainability of construction and operation," says Veronika Košická.

The construction work will take place with the centre fully operational from March 2023, but only parts of the car park will be restricted. The entire construction project will respect the shopping centre's commitment to sustainability.