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by Property Forum | Industrial

A complex of urban warehouses and sales and exhibition spaces is to be built on the border of two Bratislava districts, Rača and Vajnory. According to the developer Alto Real Estate, the project named STORE.TO could include small distribution centres, e-shops and facilities for small businesses, production and services or for buying directly from the warehouses. However, the future design has not yet been disclosed, but the cost of construction is estimated at €24 million, reports. 

The plan to transform the brownfield site in Rača has already been submitted for an environmental impact assessment (EIA). Although the visual appearance of the buildings has not yet been made public, it is now clear according to that three retail warehouse buildings with a total area of more than 26,000 sqm will be built there. The warehouses will be divided into separate rental units of approximately 500 sqm. Building A will consist of 22 individual units, Building B will consist of seven units and Building C will consist of ten units. Each warehouse will have an entrance to the building, parking spaces (218 in total) and pedestrian access. In the central part of the complex, the investor plans a recreational area - a park equipped with benches and a bicycle rack.

The facade of the buildings will be made of sandwich panels and will be complemented with doors, windows and gates, and climbing greenery will be planted on selected parts of the facade. The roof of each building will be prepared in its entirety for the installation of photovoltaic panels. The parts not covered by solar panels will be designed as green roofs. Buildings A and B will be rectangular in shape with an attic height of 11 metres. The third building C is irregular in plan. It is also not clear when construction will start, depending on the issue of planning permission and planning consent. According to the EIA documentation, construction is estimated to start at the end of 2025 and should be ready within a year. Construction costs are estimated at €24 million.

STORE.TO is defined as an urban warehouse complex that is designed with a focus on sustainable, low-cost operations and green technology.