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by Import Sys | Retail

The Property Management department at BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland ran the rebranding process for the shopping centres that have recently changed hands from Ikea Centres Polska to the Pradera fund. The new name and corporate design can now be seen in Polish and German locations.

The new positioning of properties from the Pradera portfolio and the rebranding process itself are aimed at supporting active management of the properties, which will enable to even more efficiently utilize the growth potential of the individual retail parks.
“The comprehensive rebranding process represents one of the pillars for the portfolio’s strategy aimed – with support in the form of active management and a suitable tenant mix – to strengthen positioning of the properties and optimally use their potential. We attach great importance to the manner in which our centres communicate with their current and potential customers. It is an area which, from the point of view of the extremely dynamic changes in consumer behaviour and preferences, will be playing an increasingly significant role,” added Mark Richardson, Director at Pradera.